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D3Golf is the FIRST and ONLY mobile app for monetary side games on your local golf course or REMOTELY with players around the country!

GEN 2 is here!

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GEN 2 of the D3 Golf App has a new dynamic dashboard that shows your active challenges, your invitations, friends, and more. We’ve also added games and more ways to create on course challenges. So, if you want to really have fun out there, put a few tokens on the line with a friend and see what happens.

Introducing D3 Golf
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Play Together or Apart
Why not? You play here, they play there.
The app figures out the hard stuff.
WARNING: This is not another golf app trying
to improve your game.  This is the game.
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Streamlined Payouts
The only approved accounting engine to streamline payouts after the round.
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Celebrity Challenges
With our Remote Play technology, one person can compete against many.
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Scoring with GPS

Integrated GPS technology

for yardage details. Gotta have it.

Invite Friends
It’s easy to add your friends and create groups too.
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Golf will never be the same.
You can bet on it.
Founded in 2018, D3 Golf was created to make it easier to play side games like Nassau and Skins whether you are together, or apart. After building our initial Nassau app (Dollar Dollar Dollar), we knew we had hit on something special. The app soon turned into a full peer-to-peer eGaming platform to connect players worldwide. The possibilities are endless.