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Can you meet the Challenge?

Get in the game.

Dollar Dollar Dollar ($$$™) is the only free App that lets you issue real golf challenges to your friends - even if they are on different courses!!  And $$$™ tracks all scoring without the annoying end-of-game hassles.

Play together or play apart.


You can play 1-on-1 together or on different courses on different days. The App takes care of handicaps, slopes, and scoring, ... everything!  Simple, accurate, and more fun.

Play more. Earn more.


The patent pending $$$™ Platform enables players to earn discounts in the exclusive ProShop. The more you play the more you earn and the bigger your discount. 
So get in the game!

"I'll be playing courses all over the world and issuing you an individual Remote Celebrity Challenge. You play on your course and me on mine.  Think you have what it takes? This will be absolutely amazing and willbring the fun back to the game I love!"

Holly Sonders
Fox Sports Analyst and Board Member
Nick O'Hern
PGA Tour Professional and Board Member
"Use your discounts in the ProShop for a playing lesson with me in Australia at my course in Melbourne!"