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Golf will never be the same.
You can bet on that.


D3 Golf started out in 2018 as a challenge between friends to build an app to keep track of their regular Nassau game, Dollar Dollar Dollar.


“We actually kept a stash of betting money in our bags that moved back and forth all year until it was time to settle up at our annual Pebble Beach adventure.”, said Co-Founder Tom Naramore.


Until one day, they realized they were both playing golf with different people at different courses and couldn’t keep the bet going. That realization sparked the idea that has grown from a that Nassau app, to a peer-to-peer eGaming platform like nothing else out there.

At D3, we’re combining new technologies with real, in person skill challenges. Instead of wagering or gambling on what other people are doing, D3 has created a legal platform for creating peer-to-peer challenges, wagering on those challenges, and managing the immediate distribution of winnings. The combination of mobile technologies, legal and banking compliance, innovative user experience, and gamification – is completely unique. And we’re just starting with golf.


For more information and future investment opportunities, send us a note or connect with us on Linkedin.

The D3 Golf Team

Our Executive Team and Board is comprised of golfers who love to play and challenge each other to make that shot. We’ve built this team from leaders in their respective fields including finance, eCommerce, marketing, cyber-security, block chain, and golf industries. Send us an email if you’d like to hear more.

Executive Team

Tom Naramore, Co-Founder & CEO
Peter Meng, VP of Innovation
Scott Keith, VP Brand Experience
Chip Townley, Director of IT


Board of Advisors

Donald Boeding, Board Chair

Tom Naramore, Co-Founder and Board Member

Craig Gallagher, Co-Founder and Board Member
Ray Olmo, Board Member

Chris Shuba, Board Member

Nick O’Hern, PGA Tour Professional - Board Member

Our Patents

 D3 Golf’s pending patents will integrate powerful identity, security and geo-tracking technologies that allow: game creation and personalization, verifiable tracking, scoring and game management while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the associated game, increasing pace of play, ease of use AND making the game ever more fun.

Nick O'Hern PGA Tour Professional and Boad Member
Nick O'Hern
PGA Tour Professional and Board Member
PGA Tour Professional Nick O’Hern joined the team early after a connection between friends. The Australian Lefty is best known for being the only player to beat Tiger Woods at Matchplay more than once. He’s got good stories too. Nick works on our product team making sure we’re true to the game, and helps with Business Development in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.
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