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Celebrity Challenges

You’re invited to join a new kind of golf event that combines real on-course play with remote play against a celebrity. With the D3 Golf App, a celebrity can create a golf challenge to play a game like Nassau or Skins versus their fan base. If the celebrity wins the challenge, their money goes to their charity. If you win, you keep the funds to play more or spend as you like.

Upcoming Challenges

It's WINTER! there are no upcoming challenges at this time.Check back soon!

Previous Challenges

Hannah Gregg.png

Hannah Gregg, PGA

When:      October 30 – November 13

What:       $3 Nassau Challenge

Who:        Hannah Gregg vs Her Fans

Charity:    Youth on Course

Sponsor:  D3 Golf

Region:     USA

STATUS:  Completed November 13th

Download the app directly on your MOBILE phone (not desktop) and enter the invitation code "hannah" when signing up to play Hannah's challenge!
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