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Adding a little competition makes the experience a greater experience.

Peer-to-Peer Skills Challenges

Most, if not all games today include some form of competition. Players challenge other players to some worthy  result, whether it be the most points earned, fastest times, or fewest shots. The possibilities are endless, and there are games within every game, which makes it all so much more fun.

The D3 Golf App was created to help play golf side games, manage them, and ensure the elusive ‘settling up’ at the end of the round. The mobile app lets you create an account and user profile, like a social media app does. Find friends, build groups, and invite people to any one of the most popular golf side games played all over the world.

Local Challenges (together)

The usual way to play golf is when you are all together at the same place at the same time. This is called a local challenge. Create side games with just two players, or a full 4-some. In the summer of 2021, we added Group play too. Now if you have additional 4-somes playing together, you can create bigger challenges and include more people. Our users of the 1.0 app asked for this one – and we built it.

Remote Challenges (apart)

Remote Challenges

Yes, this is something completely new in the world of gaming. Today, all golf is played when your group is in person, together in a local group. Everyone is there. Now with the D3 Golf App, you can also play and compete against friends that are not playing with you. Using our patent-pending game creation engine, you can create a Remote Challenge with someone at a different course at a different time. The app takes care of all the math and reconciles hole-by-hole results to determine a winner.

For example, on the first hole, you got a net par, and your friend got a net bogey. You won that hole. It doesn’t matter that you’re at different courses, as the app adjusts for handicaps and slopes to make things fair. It’s a fun new way to re-connect with out-of-town friends and play more golf too.

The Side Games


Based on match-play scoring, the low net wins the hole. Three separate bets are made in a Nassau game  for the front 9, back 9, and overall score. This is the original ‘Dollar Dollar Dollar’ game.


Based Match Play (Low net wins hole). Try to win the most skins (holes). If two players tie then all tie.  Tied Skins “can” carry-over to next or not, challenge creator decides.


A popular points-based game where the player’s net score is given a point value. A net double bogey or higher gets a 0, a bogey gets 1 point, par 2, birdie 3, and eagle 4 points. Most points earned wins.

Stroke Play

The most common game in golf, this challenge is based on the total net score for each player. At the end of the round, the low net score wins.


Dots can be earned on every hole when an event happens. For example, if you land in the sand and still make a par, you get a dot. Birdies, and eagles get a dot too. You can also play dots on top of other games.

Best Ball

Best Ball is a fun team tournament game where each player must play their ball tee to green as usual. The team selects the best score (best ball) form one player as the team’s score.


A Scramble is a a very popular team game whereby each player hits, then the best shot is selected and used for everyone to hit from that preferred location.

Download the app, play a few rounds and then send us your ideas and comments.  We'll get back to you right away!
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