How does it work?

The D3 Golf™ Platform creates a unique golf ecosystem to Challenge, Win, and Spend your golf money.  No more stashing cash in your golf bag! Play actual golf and side games locally with friends, or remotely on different courses on different days.  D3 Golf™ is the only app that does all the math for remote play and tracks all your winnings!



Now you can play the popular side games Skins and Nassau with the D3 App. The App handles the bet agreement while managing everyone’s index, the course slope, scoring, and the results. The Leaderboard shows your Challenge status hole-by-hole, and at the end proceeds are transferred automatically to the winners. No more math and collecting hassles after your round. The App just does it!


Your purchased tokens and winnings are managed in your D3 Golf™ "locker". Your golf stash is now kept where it should be, in your own golf world. Every time you play and invite friends, you earn more tokens and your locker  grows into something truly valuable, unlike other apps that only give you a chance to win something you don’t really want.


After the round check out the D3Golf™ ProShop right in your app!  You can buy unique items, including the finest in golf gear and accessories from our sponsors. Maybe a better putter or a branded golf shirt with our distinctive logo from our own clothing line?  Plus - every time you play you can use your bag to save a portion of your winnings towards that dream golf experience you’ve always wanted!


Try the App!

We’re looking for golfers that are interested in being part of our experience and provide feedback. Interested ? Download the app, play a few rounds and then send us your ideas and comments.  We'll get back to right away!