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Hannah Gregg Celebrity Challenge Event

October 30 – November 13

We are excited to kick off the Celebrity Challenge season with Hannah Gregg, pro golfer on the Symetra Tour and Women’s All Pro Tour.  Hannah will be playing on October 30th in between her tour events for the PXG Women’s Match Play event in St. Augustine Florida.

This first challenge, open to the first 1,000 players, will be a $3 Nassau ($1 on the front 9, $1 on the back 9, and $1 for overall).  Hannah will be playing for her Charity, Youth on Course. For every challenge she wins, her charity will receive her winnings as a donation. If you beat Hannah at the challenge, your winnings go back into your account in the D3 Golf App to play again or cash out.

Challenge Details

Hannah Gregg.png

When:    October 30 – November 13

What:    $3 Nassau Challenge

Who:    Hannah Gregg vs 1,000 Fans

Charity: Youth on Course

Sponsor:  D3 Golf

Region:  USA

STATUS:  Open for Registration in App

Hannah Gregg, PGA


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Join the Challenge

Download the app directly on your MOBILE phone (not desktop) and enter the invitation code "hannah" when signing up to play Hannah's challenge!
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