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We’ve built a variety of programs to leverage our community of “competitive" golfers to generate lift in your business when they challenge, earn and use their discounts in the ProShop.

Golf Courses

The D3 Golf™ Platform is unlike any other golf App anywhere! It simplifies what's being done every day on every course in the world with the added value of being able to challenge someone remotely on a different course on a different day! This creates a new opportunity to bring more people and more revenue into the game. D3 Golf™ drives more spending at your golf course. From individuals to foursomes, to league and charity tournament play, D3 Golf™ makes the whole experience more exciting with on-course interaction through real-time scoring.



Interested in tapping the spending power of our D3 Golf™ Players? The D3 Golf™ Platform provides In-app ad opportunities and content marketing programs to access our engaged competitors.

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