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D3 Golf Heads to the PGA Show in Orlando – January 24-27th, 2023.

Back in 2019, this young company was invited to the PGA Show for the first time. So much has changed since then and we couldn't be more excited to be back at the show in 2023.

This year, we're meeting with some of the world's largest golf brands, media, and technology companies. Our innovative software technology has become an easy choice for brands that want to expand their ability to offer more competitive games that only a digital wallet can enable.

Legal in 44 states, The D3 Wallet Solution is the only single sign on digital wallet that supports peer-to-peer skill challenges like golf. So whether you have the next best golf app, or have plans to grow your revenue from your golf simulators, take it to the next level with the only digital wallet designed for your kind of games.

The D3 Celebrity Challenge platform leverages our Remote Play technology that lets two people challenge each other to a real bet, even when golfing at two different locations. With this technology, brands can have their influencers (and celebrities) actually play a round of golf - AND - invite their entire network of fans to play against them to benefit a charity.

To learn more about our technology solutions, reach out to the D3 team through our social media platforms or for strategic partnerships, connect with Trent.

Trent Edwards

Read the post about Trent Edwards joining the D3 team.

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