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GSD Labs Startup D3 Golf Adds Trent Edwards for Strategic Partnerships

Cohort #7 startup D3 Golf expands the team and starts expansion of their digital wallet for wagering into a B2B SaaS offering for others brands.


Newport Beach, CA – December 5, 2022 Trent Edwards, former National Football League quarterback and co-founder of VR-technology company STRIVR, has joined sports tech company D3 Golf (Dollar Dollar Dollar Inc.) as Director, Strategic Relations. Trent will focus on building the D3 community of partners, players, and organizations to expand the game-wagering platform into new markets, both in the golf industry and with sports that include peer-to-peer competition.

“I was born an athlete and truly enjoy the thrill that goes along with playing with … and against others. The excitement of handling potentially adverse situations and creating new pressure-tested habits is an athlete's purest form of pleasure,” said Trent Edwards. “In football, completing a pass or making a first down with the game on the line was a constant test of that pressure for me. In golf, I may not have the risk of a 300 pound lineman chasing me down – but making a 4-foot putt – with a few bucks on the line – adds a thrill that satisfies my competitive nature. It’s no wonder why you see so many professional athletes take up golf. And yes, there is always money on the line.”

Since the brand’s inception in 2018, they have focused on their golf wagering platform. The app lets golfers play side games like Skins or Nassau together – on the same course – or apart on different courses on different days. With that Remote Play™ technology, they also developed a fan engagement platform that inspires celebrities to create a golf challenge of their own, inviting millions of fans to play against them for the benefit of a charity. The app manages everything: the wager, handicaps, slope differences, scoring, results, and transfers the winnings between players for spending immediately at the course, or saved in the digital wallet.

“I was introduced to the app by chance, during a round of golf in Truckee with my dad, says Edwards. “I just happened to be paired with Scott Keith, D3’s head of brand strategy. He and another friend were using the app and had money on the line, had a leaderboard, and were obviously having fun with the app. Since then, I researched the category and spoke with golf industry experts, and my tech community, to realize that they were on to something really innovative. D3’s ability to highlight the competition and camaraderie is why I believe in this offering and why joined this team.”

“Trent not only brings a wealth of experience in the tech industry, his lifelong love of competitive sports is a great match for our roadmap and vision,” Keith added. The company has recently grown to provide their technology to other sports apps that also want to add the excitement of a bet. “From bowling to bass fishing, our patent-pending platform can create new revenue and engagement for sports companies of all kinds.”

D3 now offers an API solution for companies that don’t have a digital wallet for wagering – but are offering tournaments, leagues, and competitions. “Our pipeline of customers eager to use the D3 technology is immense. Who wouldn’t want to increase revenues from their existing users, leverage the compliance that D3 already has, and bring it to market fast? It’s a smart, strategic move to offer our IP with others around the globe,” Edwards adds.

D3 will continue to build the D3 Golf App community with its unique features like Remote Play and Celebrity Challenges, while the business B2B unit will focus on how they share the innovative platform with others.

About D3 and the D3 Golf App

The app lets golfers play side games, like Skins or Nassau, together on the same course, or apart on different courses on different days. The App manages everything: the wager, indexing and handicaps, scoring, winning, and transfers the winnings between players. Based in Northern California, the App is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The company also provides their wagering platform to other peer-to-peer sports companies that want to offer the thrill of the bet and grow revenue with user engagement.

Contact the D3 team for interviews and Podcast opportunities:

Scott Keith VP of Brand Marketing 925-287-1300

Web: Linkedin: @dollar-dollar-dollar-inc Instagram: @d3golfapp

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