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D3 Golf Launches New Betting Golf App

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

New app is a part of the company strategy to build a digital platform to grow the game of golf and create more exciting ways to compete in-person and remotely.

SACRAMENTO CA, June 1, 2020 -- DollarDollarDollar (D3golf), a new player in the golf technology industry, announced the launch of its new game for iOS and Android mobile devices. This game technology is the key component of the company's initiative to build an advanced social golf experience for recreational and competitive golfers around the world.

The 1.0 version of the app is based on the popular golf side game of Nassau, or “Dollar Dollar Dollar”. Players compete and bet each other on their scores on the front 9 holes, back 9 holes, and for the entire round. The DollarDollarDollar App manages scores, handicaps, bets, and all the unique data that comes from more than 40,000 golf courses through a partnership with iGolf™ using its GPS Database Technology worldwide.

“When you add a side bet to your round, it raises the level of play and makes the experience more memorable,” says Tom Naramore, founder and CEO of DollarDollarDollar, Inc. “It’s so easy to bet your friends now because the app takes care of all the complicated calculations around different player indexes, course slope, and the money to be exchanged.”

Unlike other golf apps that simply keep score on your mobile device, the D3 app allows players invite others to what is legally considered a skills challenge, or a side game to their round, even if they are playing on a different course at a different time.

“Our most exciting innovation so far came when we developed the ‘Remote Play’ technology to connect two players on different courses. We made it possible to invite a friend to play against you – even if you cannot play together at the same time. You play at your course and they play at theirs. The app sets up the challenge and manages all the unique player and course data. It’s a great way to stay connected with your golf community – create challenges and side bets with friends – even when you can’t play at the same time. It’s staggering to think that we can grow golf in the way that online poker did for its industry. Now the vision of a worldwide connected golf competition is possible,” says Peter Meng, VP of Innovations.

“We created a team of experts in golf, gaming, social media, and mobile tech. The technology has to work, but it’s the experience that will make this a game-changer,” adds Scott Keith, head of Brand Marketing for D3. “Given the match play element of our game platform, we reached out to PGA Tour Pro Nick O’Hern, the only player that’s beaten Tiger Woods twice in the World Match Play Championship.”

O’Hern grew up in Australia playing games like DollarDollarDollar in his hometown of Perth. “I would always bet when playing with friends. I loved the competitive aspect. It was the equivalent of nickel-nickel-dime for us, but the same game, same pressure,” he says. O’Hern guides the development team on all things golf and holds a position on the Board as well.

We also needed a powerhouse in the Social Media and Golf world, which led us to former Fox Sports host and Golf Channel contributor Holly Sonders (@Holly.Sonders). Sonders joined the team as an advisor, and then she became an investor and a member of the board.

“If we can change golf and make it even more fun, we win,” says Sonders. “This has the potential to do what fantasy sports did for football.” Sonders has been instrumental in the development of the app. During early user testing, it became evident that many golfers wanted to play against her. “We can do that,” said Peter Meng, head of development. “We created a Celebrity Challenge feature that allows one celebrity to challenge an entire network of players through our platform. The D3 team sees this as a huge opportunity for charity events and Tour pro-ams.”

The innovative features in DollarDollarDollar’s D3golf Platform include:

· Play a Local Challenge. Join, invite and set up an in-person local challenge with up to three other players at a time. Enter everyone’s info as guests, or have each player install the app so they can follow the game on their mobile devices. The app manages all the complicated details.

Play a Remote Challenge. Invite and challenge a friend even if you can’t play on the same course. The app sets up the challenge and holds scores until both players have completed their rounds. Then it identifies the winner and distributes the winnings instantly.

· Celebrity Challenges. A new feature that allows one player (celebrity or pro) to open up a challenge to a network of players. See how your skills match up against that celebrity, win, lose or tie a bet. This could be fun for charity fundraising and group events.

· D3Golf Bag Deposit tokens into your D3Golf Bag using a credit card or PayPal and use those tokens to challenge other players. The patented platform uses smart technology to create the agreement for the challenge, hold your tokens in an escrow account, then transfer the winnings from one account to another.

· D3 ProShop. Players are able to save their tokens to play again, or use immediately in the ProShop to purchase items, play another round of golf, or save for a golf trip.

About DollarDollarDollar

DollarDollarDollar Inc. is a private company formed in 2018 by a group of golfers that wanted to create a digital version of golf’s side games and make golf more fun. Their innovation to connect competitors remotely was a key step to creating the largest golf tournament in the world.

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Media contact: Tom Naramore, CEO, DollarDollarDollar, Inc.

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