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New Skins Challenge in the App!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

New in August 2020, play a Skins Challenge with the D3 Golf App! As many of us remember, The Skins Game was made famous in the 1980s and 90s as a made for TV golf skills challenge between 4 of the most popular players on the PGA Tour. Usually held on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Pros would compete for big money and support charities too. We’ve taken the best of this and made it possible for everyone to do the same thing using the D3 Golf App. Play, bet and win!

Here’s how Skins works.

In the D3 App Skins game, players compete against the other members of the foursome. A ‘Skin’ is awarded to the lone golfer who posts the lowest net score for each hole. No skin is awarded in case of a tie by any two players, but ties can be carried over to the following hole if you choose. This makes it more exciting as the unclaimed skin is added to the next hole and makes the value of that hole cumulative (one carry over raises the value by 1 to become worth 2 skins and so on). Since there are 18 holes to play there are 18 skins up for grabs by each player. Using the app makes the Skins game easy and fun too. Watch the leaderboard after each hole and enjoy the extra competition with your friends.

Play together or apart.

The Patent-Pending D3 Golf Remote Game Technology removes time and place from the game of golf. Now you can challenge up to 10 of your friends anytime, anywhere within two weeks of each other on your actual round of golf. For example, player 1 played today in California, player 2 plays in Florida next week. The App manages the games and alerts the players to all outcomes. You compete hole by hole with the best net score to par. A Net par score on player 1’s first hole (Par 5), beats player 2’s first-hole Net bogie (Par 3). It’s that simple! The app takes care of it all. It's a whole new way to play, challenge and connect with friends even when apart.

The app is approved in the Apple App store and Google Play store in all 50 states excluding Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland and South Carolina where the Skills Challenge designation has not been approved yet. The D3 Golf App uses Geo-Fencing Technology to comply with all local state laws and blocks use where not approved.

More games to come this Fall including Wolf, Dots, and Junk! Plus, more features in development like full GPS with on-course yardage, hole by hole graphics with fly overs, tournament formats for Scramble and Best Ball too!

Download the app and get out there and play!

Click to download from the Apple App Store (iOS)

Click to download from the Google Play Store (Android)

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