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PRESS RELEASE:Young Golf Pro challenges 100,000+ Instagram fans to play against her ...

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Young Golf Pro challenges 100,000+ Instagram fans to play against her to raise money for Charity using the D3 Golf App.

Golf software group innovates peer-to-peer sports gaming.

St. Augustine, Florida – November 3, 2021 Things just got interesting in peer-to-peer sports gaming with the introduction of a new game from Last weekend, mini-tour golf pro Hannah Gregg (@hannahbgg) invited her 110,000 Instagram followers to challenge her at a game of $3 Nassau in between tournaments at the PXG Women’s Match Play Championship in Florida. “I’m honored to be the first one to use’s Celebrity Challenge app to play a game with my fans, raise money for charities, and support my sponsors,” says Gregg, a 26-year old pro golfer from Northern California.

The Celebrity Challenge platform leverages’s Remote Play technology. Using the app, two people can challenge each other with tokens, even when golfing at two different locations. With this technology, powered by their Patent Pending Game Creation Engine, created a complete Fan Engagement Platform so one person (celebrities) can invite many (fans) to compete directly in legal, peer-to-peer skill challenges.

“This has never been done, and the possibilities are extraordinary,” says Tom Naramore, Founder and CEO of D3 Golf. “It’s the only game in the world where you can play directly against a pro, or a celebrity, and win money. You don’t wager on them to win or lose, you wager on yourself to beat them using your skill and golf index to balance things out.”

Gregg scored her Challenge round on October 30th using the app while playing her boyfriend (golf pro Frederik Lindblom (@frederiklindblom) at the King & Bear course at World Golf Village, in Florida. Fans followed Hannah and Frederik’s Instagram Story Feed to watch highlights, but their scores were hidden. “It’s cool we were able to have a challenge going between us on course, while competing with fans from all over the country.” Hannah Gregg currently competes on the WAPT and Symetra Tour and is sponsored by Mizuno Golf, Short Game Gains, and Bridgestone Golf.

Hannah was sponsored in’s first Celebrity Challenge by Vido’s Health & Wellness. Vido’s provided their new Heating Gel-Cream to aid recovery of the sore muscles and strains from playing golf. Vido’s Troy Plummer added, “As a sponsor, we’re happy to team up with young athletes like Hannah who are working hard on their careers and giving back to charities like Youth on Course.”


The app lets golfers play side games, like Skins or Nassau, together on the same course, or apart on different courses on different days. The App manages everything: the wager, GHIN and D3 handicaps, slope difference, scoring, winning, and transfers the winnings between players for spending at the venue. Based in Northern California, Gen 2 of the App is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Tom Naramore Scott Keith Founder and CEO VP of Brand Marketing 833-926-2238 925-287-1300

Hannah Gregg challenges her fans!

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