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Remote Play is a Game Changer

In the past, whenever I have a side bet with mates on the golf course, it involves playing with them. Well, not anymore because the Remote Play feature in the D3 Golf app has changed everything. With Remote Play, you can challenge people in different groups, at different times, on different days, and at different courses. Even in different states!

This allows golfers to have multiple challenges going on all at once, and the app takes care of everything. From course slope ratings, handicaps, tee boxes, and of course… payouts.

The first question we get is, “How do you stop someone from cheating when you’re not playing with them?” We can’t, however, there are a few reasons why they don’t cheat. With a remote challenge, players don’t know their opponent’s score until both scores are submitted. Also, if a player decides to intentionally post a lower score than they actually had, D3 Golf keeps track of all their scores from challenges creating a unique D3 handicap. A (cheating) golfers’ D3 handicap will be well below their USGA GHIN and as a result, they are only cheating themselves because the D3 handicap is what they must play to each time out. It’s also a red flag for prospective challengers because they can see a golfer’s playing history on the D3Golf app when a challenge is made. So if someone has a significantly lower D3 Handicap (when they are betting) versus a GHIN (that they post when they choose to), you will likely not want to bet them in the future. And finally, most people who play against each other are friends or at the very least acquaintances. You get found out quickly if scores are being fudged in these cases. Of course, if you don’t know who the challenger is you simply don’t have to accept the challenge.

With that out of the way, give the Remote Play challenge a try once you’ve downloaded the app. You can take on your golf buddies whenever you like without having to play with them and, for some people, that’s an added bonus lol. And, I can tell you you that our CEO Tom is always open to your Remote Bet challenge if you want to try it out.

If you read our recent email, you may have noticed what has become a regular bet with our most active players. Scott had a local round in Truckee with friends, a $1.00 a hole Skins Game, plus he added a Remote Challenge against Greg in Kauai, and Tom in Sacramento. So with one round of golf, he had fun side bets with the three people in his local foursome, and two others in different parts of the USA. How cool is that?

Now, who wants a challenge??!!

To learn more, watch the video from Nick O'Hern about Remote Challenges here.

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