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That’s a wrap! D3 Golf App Shares Unique Metrics from 2021 Player Activity.

Truckee, California, January 12, 2022 – It’s a wrap! 2021 was an amazing year for the D3 Golf team with the launch of the GEN 2 App in July. With 6 months of play time, users gave us a lot to think about. Players from all of the United States used the app to play and score golf side game together, on course, and apart at different courses with the D3 Remote Play technology. No other platform offers this blend of digital gaming and physical skill challenges for real money wagers.

Inspired by how Spotify Wrapped dominated the social conversation in December, we pulled some unique stats from our platform to share what’s happening in the future of sports technology and gaming.

What was the average side bet amount in the app?
It was $23. This is higher than we expected since in Gen 1, the most popular game was a $3 Nassau. But with more games in Gen 2 and the addition of ‘dots on top’ of other games, the average bet per game shot up dramatically. What will happen in 2022?

What was the largest side bet in the app?
$152. This was surprising, simply because so many of you talk like you are big betters. You know who you are, put your money where your mouth is and let’s step it up in 2022. We fully expect this number to be crushed in 2022… if you don’t do it, I will!

What was the most popular ‘remote’ side game in the app?
Nassau! Not surprising, as the ‘dollar dollar dollar’ bet was our most popular game in 2020. Remote challenges are when you make a bet against a friend who’s playing somewhere else. You play here, they play there. The app takes care of all the math to reconcile winners’ hole by hole. This is a completely new way to play – and those who use it, love it. It’s a great way to stay connected to friends and family with a game that perfect for social distancing – hah. Learn more about the Remote Play technology here.

What was the longest distance for a ‘remote’ side game in the app?
2,788 miles! This was a bet on a remote challenge between two friends, one in California, and one in New Jersey. The app connects you to those you want to play with, even when you can’t play together. It will be interesting to see a heat map of all these remote challenges in 2022.

What was the largest number of players in one remote challenge?
31 different people participated in one peer-to-peer challenge, a stat that I know we’ll crush in 2022 by hundreds, if not more. This event was one of our Celebrity Challenges with @hannahbgg where she played in Florida, and a bunch of us played against her over a two-week window at different courses across 13 states. The sponsor for this event was Vidos Healthy & Beauty, and Hannah played to support her charity, Youth on Course. We believe there is no other fan engagement platform that inspires celebrities to connect in a game actively in support of sponsors and charities. We expect this to be crushed in 2022 as we invite more celebrities to use the app to connect with their fans. Get the free app at

The app lets golfers play real money side games, like Skins and Nassau, together on the same course, or apart on different courses on different days. The App manages everything: the wager, GHIN handicaps as well as D3 golf betting handicaps, course slope difference, scoring, winning, and redeeming winnings at on course. Based in Northern California, Gen 2 of the App is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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