Become a D3Golf Founder!

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As a D3Golf early adopter and player you deserve all of the amazing new features coming in Version 2 of the D3 app due early next spring! Although you will always be able to play a game of Dollar Dollar Dollar (Nassau) for free we have many new games, features (like "TrashTalk!®") coming that will only be available via a monthly subscription of $4.95.

2020 has been a crappy year, but here's a small way to make it end a little bit better. Through December 31st we are offering a TWO year "D3Golf Founder's Subscription" for only $9.95 and that includes 20,000 D3Golf tokens (valued at $20.00) for you to wager your golf buddies with! 


Simply complete the following form and we'll confirm your "Founder's Status" via email and issue your tokens within 24 hours. We bet we'll see you on the links this spring!